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Automate income verification, and leverage online applications and fee collection.

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Integrated Rental Application Expedites Tenant Move-ins

Our embedded rental application streamlines your workflow and delivers the most important info with the least amount of effort, both for you and the applicant. All without leaving your site.

Learn how we've reduced the time from rental application to approval by 28%

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Integrate With Your Technology

The Closing Docs seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of property management or accounting software platforms including: Appfolio, Buildium, Yardi, On-Site, and many more!

Our customers rely on these integrations for automatic data transfers directly into property management software, eliminating the need for cumbersome, costly manual data entry.

Save Time Verifying Income

Automated income verification

Utilize automated income verification to instantly confirm your applicant’s capacity to pay rent.

We directly connect to your applicant’s bank account to analyze their deposit history and then organize their data into a standardized income report for your review. Accurate data. Fast.

You can either use our standalone income screening service or have it embedded directly into an online rental application.

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automated income verification works on all devices

Embed Your Rental Application On Your Site

Bolster your digital presence

Keeping applicants in your website during the application cycle builds your brand, fosters the start of a positive tenant-landlord relationship.

automated income verification works on all devices

Keep Your Branding

Use your brand standards

We’ll showcase your brand by incorporating your brand standards into the automated income verification report, as well as the online application.

Keep eyeballs where they belong: focused on your company’s digital presence.

automated income verification works on all devices

Utilize Our Rental Application For a Fully Automated Solution

Collect application fees

By automating the collection of application fees, you’ll see money faster and with far less hassle.

Required fields

Controls within our tools ensure the applicant fills in designated fields before they are allowed to submit their application. This expedites the process overall by eliminating having to chase down applicants for missing info. Our clients spend 30% less time screening when relying on our solutions.

Fully customizable

Customize your rental application to fit the requirements of your business policies and procedures.

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