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Let’s Work Together

Partnerships to help you succeed

We partner with property management and tenant screening companies to incorporate our powerful income verification tool.

By streamlining your online rental application process into an intuitive and user-friendly workflow, you can turn your application cycle into an automated machine with accurate insights at your fingertips.

Embed Our Widget Anywhere

Never leave your own site

Implementing our embedded widget for automated income verification keeps users in your website. See our widget in action by clicking the button below.

Replace your rental application process

We provide the option to capture all of your necessary tenant applicant’s information along with their verified income for a fully customizable workflow.

automated income verification screenshot mobile
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Integrate With Your Technology

Plug into your current system seamlessly

Our solutions integrate with your existing property management or accounting software tools, like Yardi or On-Site. Rental applications and income reports flow directly into your systems, avoiding any sort of manual data entry.

Keep Your Branding

White-label your brand using your logos and colors

Showcase your brand by white-labeling our embedded widget and income reports while leveraging your own logos and branding colors. Keep eyeballs where they belong: focused on your company’s digital presence.

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