income verification
Income verification

Online Income Verification

Verify your tenant applicant's income and ability to pay rent by creating a net income summary. Engineered for accuracy, speed, and security.

income verification

The most trusted automated income verification service

Get the true snapshot of your applicant's financial health

By analyzing spending patterns and deposits history, our summary tells you the real story about an applicant’s capacity to pay rent. The information comes straight from the bank, providing you with reliable, verifiable net income.

Detailed reports to help you make the best decisions

We deliver a detailed PDF report to you summarizing your applicant's annual and monthly net income over the past year. If you want to get into the dirty details, we provide individual deposit details for you to look over and analyze. We also provide a combined income summary for your joint applicants to truly see the full picture of your combined applicants' rent paying ability.

Encrypted and secure

Data is collected and encrypted in our cloud for temporary use – just long enough to prepare and send a report to whomever needs to see it, and then deleted forever in order to maintain FCRA compliance.

Landlords, property managers, and applicants all love our verified reports. You will too.

  • "As a property manager, it takes a lot of time to collect income information on candidate renters. This app makes it a snap! It improves the accuracy of my tenant screening and gives me actual recommendations based on actual tenant data. And the info arrives in my inbox instantly, as soon as the applicant hits "send". Awesome."
    online income verification testimonial
    Property Manager
  • "I have to say I am very, very, impressed with the sophistication of The Closing Docs. It has been extremely easy to use. I am a 1099 employee and it's not always easy getting all the information needed to show proof of income. The Closing Docs makes the impossible possible! I will definitely recommend this site to my friends, family, and co-workers. Thanks The Closing Docs!"
    online income verification testimonial
    Melissa Canada
    Rental Applicant
  • "When I rented my place out, I loved knowing that my tenants were thoroughly vetted financially and verified before I took them on. It was cool seeing a quick snapshot of their finances before I made a decision. Thanks for the comfort of knowing that my tenants are financially capable!"
    online income verification testimonial
    Shanna Chen
  • "Very nice! You guys saved me a bunch of time from collecting my income information manually. Well worth the $$ I spent."
    online income verification testimonial
    Noel Crockett
    Rental Applicant
  • "I found the income verification process easy to understand and quick to use - no problems!"
    online income verification testimonial
    Renee Ruiz
    Rental Applicant
instant proof of income

How does our income verification work?

1. Collect your applicant's income data

The first step to generating your applicant's proof of income report is to connect their bank account in order to collect their financial inflows and outflows. In order to do this, we use Plaid, a trusted financial service that handles the applicant's credentials, encryption, and security. Their sensitive login credentials are never seen by us.

2. Confirm the verified income information

We give the opportunity for the applicant to really look over and read their generated income data. This allows your applicant to double-check that the proof of income report you receive is both accurate and verified.

3. Receive your PDF report

After the applicant completes your income screening, you receive a PDF report of their income summary, giving you a much better understanding of your applicant's ability to pay rent.

Trusted by over 9,700 banks and financial institutions


Completely free for landlords and property managers! You heard that right. The applicant is charged when they complete their screening. Now that's a good deal.

If you would prefer that the landlord pay, we support your workflow as well.

For Applicants


12 months income history

  • Income verification for any tenant applicant
  • Verify employment in the past year
  • PDF report delivered to you by email

For Landlords

  • Proof of income PDF report produced
  • Uses income data from past 12 months
  • Approval recommendation attached
  • 24/7 online customer support

For Enterprise

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  • Custom proof of income PDF report
  • Hands-on integration with your workflow
  • CRM automated data entry
  • Whitelist your brand logo
  • 99.999% uptime and availability
  • 24/7 online customer support

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