How The Closing Docs Works

We take three simple steps to verifying income.

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Connect your bank account to collect your income

The first step to verifying income is to connect your bank account to collect your financial inflows. In order to do this, we use Plaid, a trusted financial service that handles your credentials, encryption, and security. Your sensitive login credentials are never seen by us.

Protect your financial data

After creating your income report, all of your collected financial data is deleted completely off our servers and your bank account is disconnected from our channel. No traces of your sensitive data will remain in our records.

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Verify your income instantly

No longer will you have to find your bank statements, W-2, or pay stubs. We verify your income with accuracy and precision.

Review your income report before you send it

We give you the opportunity to really look over and read your income report before you share it. This gives you the confidence to know exactly what financial information you plan on sharing with your landlord.


Send and download your income report

After you have created your report, you can now download and send your verified income to your landlord or decision maker. Congratulations, and good luck!

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