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Citi-Urban Management Utilizes Automation to Streamline The Rental Application Process

The Closing Docs helped Citi-Urban Management by creating a streamlined rental application process. Each step, including the applicant entering their rental application data, receiving the applicant’s income information, transferring the rental application fee directly into their operating account, and importing the rental application into On-Site, is completely automated and hands-free for the property management team.

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Should I Use Net Income or Gross Income for Tenant Screening?

It’s common knowledge that as a landlord, you should invest in screening your tenants. One bad tenant can cause a series of headaches, late rent payments, and possibly the expense and hassle of an eviction process. Ugh!

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Verify Your Tenant Applicant’s Income The Right Way

All landlords should verify a potential tenant’s income as part of the tenant screening process. As a landlord, you are looking for tenants with the ability to pay rent on a long-term basis.

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